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$6 per person

26 feet high!

That’s two-and-a-half

stories tall!

Rock Climbing Arlington | Hurst, TX

Rock climbing is a great way to challenge yourself, have fun, or learn a new skill. Our rock climbing walls in Arlington and Hurt provide a great experience for all ages and ability levels. 

Scale a three story rock climbing wall for a view of the venue you won’t get anywhere else. Our rock climbing walls are designed for up to three climbers at time. So, race your friends or just the person next to you. 

Rock Climbing Dallas

Rock Climbing Growth

In the last decade rock climbing has become more of a mainstream activity. Originally a fringe adventure sport, rock climbing is now a common activity for parties, entertainment or just a new challenge. Since rock climbing does involve leaving the safety of the ground, it can feel intimidating to some. But, our harnesses and equipment are incredibly secure and safe. 


Rock Climbing Pricing

Pricing for our rock climbing wall in Arlington or Hurst is simple. The cost is $6 per person. Come join us and conquer your fears by scaling up one of our rock climbing walls. 


Rock Climbing for Beginners

Rock climbing can seem very intimidating, but beginners can easily learn the sport or have a fun experience. There is a small mental hurdle for some, you have to trust the rope and equipment, but learning how to climb up a wall is a fun way to test yourself or experience something new.


The Best Indoor Rock Climbing in Dallas

We have two options for rock climbing near Dallas and Fort Worth. Our Arlington and Hurst locations both have an indoor rock climbing wall. Our team is trained to make sure you have a fun and safe experience at our facilities.

Give your child a new challenge or conquer your own fears today on our rock climbing wall. Between climbs you can enjoy a snack or drink from our on-site facilities and jump back on the wall. Contact us today with any questions about our rock climbing wall. 

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