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Everything you need to know about Laser Tag!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Laser Tag Arena
Inside a Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag is a popular attraction that started in Dallas, Texas in 1982 after creator George Carter III got the idea after viewing the popular film “Star Wars.” The activity gained in popularity over the years and today is featured in most Family Entertainment Centers across the United States. Laser Tag in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area has increased in popularity over the last decade with some facilities introducing Virtual Reality Laser Tag in 2022. Including Alley Cats Arlington!

Check out what a recent Arlington, Texas resident had to say about Virtual Reality experience here.

If you are not familiar with Laser Tag, the concept is simple and reminds some of an activity you might be familiar with already, Nerf Gun battles. While Laser Tag is a fun and fairly simple activity to understand, a few frequently asked questions about Laser Tag are addressed below:

Virtual Reality Laser Tag
Virtual Reality Laser Tag at Alley Cats in Arlington, Texas

How long is a game of Laser Tag?

Typically the entire experience of Laser Tag lasts around 15 minutes from start to finish. Starting with an introduction moving into the equipment room to gear up and finally it’s time to battle! A Laser Tag game length of time can vary depending on the number of players and there familiarity with the activity.

How much is Laser Tag? (or) How much does Laser Tag cost?

The cost of a Laser Tag game can vary depending on the center and is based on a variety of factors including: time of play, type of arena, the facility itself, geographic location and type of equipment. On average, a game of Laser Tag costs between $8-$15 depending on the center in which you are playing. The cost of Laser Tag in the Dallas, Fort-Worth area including the suburbs of Arlington, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Grand Prairie and surrounding areas is approximately $9 per person per game.

Where can I play Laser Tag near me?

In the Dallas - Fort Worth area you can find Laser Tag at a number of Family Entertainment Centers including Alley Cats Entertainment. Alley Cats Entertainment offers Laser Tag at all locations and in Arlington, Texas the center offers Virtual Reality Laser Tag.

What is the age requirement for Laser Tag? (or) What is the height requirement for Laser Tag?

Most individuals ages 5 and up can play Laser Tag. The age requirement for Laser Tag can vary by center and is based off the difficulty of the attraction and the equipment. While age is one factor, the height of an individual is important as well for wearing the equipment. On average, 40” is the height requirement to play Laser Tag.

Is Laser Tag fun?

Yes! Laser Tag can be tons of fun when you play with people you enjoy being around and competing with. It is also a fun activity to enjoy with strangers as you can compete and make new friends. Overall, Laser Tag is a great way to have fun, exercise and make new friends.

You can enjoy Laser Tag in Dallas Fort-Worth at Alley Cats 7 days a week.

Couple playing Laser Tag
Laser Tag at Alley Cats

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