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only at our hurst, Texas location!

Jump into the driver’s seat and have a zoom around our track on our go-karts. We have cars that can accommodate a parent and child (drivers and riders must meet the height requirements below).

*Rookie Carts are open Mon-Thursday ALL DAY and until 5pm Fri-Sunday


  • Rookie Cart - $8

  • Single Go-Kart – $10

    Driver must be 60″ tall

  • Double Go-Kart – $12

    Driver must be 18 yrs. with valid driver’s license
    Passenger must be 40″ tall

60” Tall for Race Track
48” Tall for Himalaya
40” Tall for Double Seat Go-Karts
36” Tall for the Playland Rides


Himalaya passenger must be accompanied by a 48”+ tall Rider.

You must be at least 18-years of age with a valid driver’s license

To drive our Double Seat Go-Karts with a passenger.