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Alley Cats Birthdays

Was your child invited to an Alley Cats Birthday but you need to bring other(s) who were not directly invited? No problem! 

It can be uncomfortable to have a child invited to a friends Birthday Party but you need to bring another child who was not on the initial party list to attend such as: younger/older brother(s)/sister(s), family member, house guest, etc. Don't stress, you can purchase fun for the additional person(s) online no problem. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can do: 

1) Choose which of our options works best for you: 

     A) Best Day Ever Pass! - The Best Day Ever Pass allows the guest to do

     all of our activities, all day, an unlimited number of times. Bowling is

     on a 1-hour rotation but they can bowl with the birthday kids no

     problem! This allows the extra person to still do everything we have to offer! 

     B) Fun Card! - If you are not sure exactly what someone is going to want to do

     while at Alley Cats, buy a Fun Card loaded with points that can be used in the

     arcade or on our attractions. When the points on the card run out you can

     always reload! 

2) Purchase Online by clicking the link below 

3) When you arrive for the Birthday Party, visit the front desk and show them your email confirmation to redeem your purchase. 

4) Go enjoy the party FUN with no awkwardness! 

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